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  Sri Venkata Sai Nursery Gardens is one of the well known and most comprehensive providers of commercial Landscape, Garden and Horticulture services. From basic landscaping, including lawn, tree and shrub care to total landscape design, our highly trained team of professionals are dedicated to provide you the very best exterior environment possible. Landscape Services includes Landscape Design and Planning,Landscape Execution & Landscape Maintenance. Garden Products includes Irrigation Systems , Fountains & Pots Etc. Horticulture Consultancy and Planting services.

Garden Maintenance

  At Ground Maintenance, we believe in providing a quality service with flawless results. We serve a combination of residential and commercial customers, offering a widespread array of work. We build your project from the ground up; blending together your desires and inspiration, creating a fully functional and eye-catching landscape.
  Each project is treated as a masterpiece in production; gathering all of our materials from natural resources and harbouring the talents of local businesses.
  Our work has seen the repeating of regular customers who we have served for countless years. This is due to our continuing overachievement of their expectations. We pride ourselves on our commitment to their needs.
  Our knowledge, skills and expertise have many years behind them; so that we can advise and give you astounding results. We provide a tailor-made maintenance programme with expert guidance, ensuring you receive a perfect landscape all year round.

All this, all within your budget.

Landscaping Contractors

  Not gifted with garden tools?

  Professional landscaping contractors are your best bet to get lush, lovely grounds year round.

  Hire a landscaper to create and maintain a beautiful yard that complements your home and blends into its native setting.

  From soil, grasses and plants to decks, walkways and patios, landscape contractors are well versed in the components that make up a functional and visually pleasing outdoor living space.

Our contractors are always available, a call away from you.

Landscaping & Gardening

 Landscaping and gardening both focus on cultivating and maintaining beautiful, functional outdoor spaces. These areas may include large acreages, like parks and golf courses, or small backyard gardens. However, the difference between landscaping and gardening is quite distinct.
 Gardening is similar to landscaping in that it involves design and maintenance. Nevertheless, gardening mainly focuses on cultivating plants or flowers within a space. Landscaping caters to the bigger picture. A landscaper may design and plan for a garden of any size, but a gardener is still needed to do the “dirty work,” including planting, fertilizing, weeding, cultivating, and harvesting in season.

Irrigation System

 It's important to know that watering your lawn and is the key to preserving its lushness and beauty. Our irrigation experts carefully design your sprinkler system to ensure maximum coverage to your lawn. Whether you're in need of a new irrigation system to maintain your lawn, or a replacement of a sprinkler head in your current system, our professionals at Sri Venkata sai nursery are just around the corner.

Fountains and Pots

Under Planning


 Plants should be protected during delivery to the job site so there is no damage to the branches, root ball or desiccation of leaves (dry out).
 Where ever possible plants should be transported in an enclosed truck. Large trees in the back of a truck or trailer, should be covered with a mesh tarpaulin to prevent damage and windburn.
 Plants should be placed and spaced securely so damage to the bark and branches is avoided. Avoid stacking plants on a truck or trailer.
 All plants should be unloaded immediately on arrival, checked for damage and watered if necessary. If the plants are not going to be installed that day, they should be stored in an upright position out of direct sunlight.